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Netbeans vs Monodevelop

Netbeans vs Monodevelop

In my last post, I expressed my thoughts in cross platform development along with the opportunities and problems emerging from such an effort. After a couple days of coding and testing I realized that it is safer to prefer the native libraries support for each operating system, rather than focusing in the cross platform functionality support of the frameworks, as a main strategy. The rule applies for rapid application development, using the most out of the framework supported functionality.

For example, an editor supporting HTML, which relies in native libraries, does not have cross platform bindings. On the other hands simple controls and utilities can remain unchanged because the cross platform bindings are fully supported (provided that future release features will be supported).

Extending the cross platform operation requirement in cross platform working, I realized that the above perception took a totally different meaning. In order to explain my point I will describe a case of developing in different environments.

1st Environment :
* Windows XP
* Microsoft Visual Studio / (Monodevelop for Windows)
* Netbeans
* Microsoft Office / (Open Office)

2nd Environment :
* Ubundu Linux
* Monodevelop
* Netbeans
* Open Office

Starting with the operating systems I could easily find my way around both systems, although my experience (15 years is a fair piece of experience) suggests that it is an 100% personal decision. I also have to say that I did not add a Mac in the equation because MacOS requires 1G memory (which I don’t have) and an extra HD (because I don’t have a 3rd disk to boot it from). Therefore, I will update the case as soon as I got my hands on one of these MacBook beauties (or a better laptop).

In the question Netbeans vs Monodevelop/Visual Studio, I will say that Netbeans provides the most unified experience. I will not take a “stand” on Java Vs C# as I work on both frameworks depending on the situation and the environment. The early release of Monodevelop is very promising, and has a lot of potential. As soon as these early stage bugs are resolved, there is a market segment ready to accept it. Novel has taken good care of that. Visual Studio is the Microsoft flagship, but this is as far as it goes. If you have another operating system in work or at home, you don’t have a chance (!).

I did not include PHP, Python, C, C++, Ruby, Scala, Perl or any other framework or programming or scripting language because I took the “all in one” approach for the development needs.


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