Cross platform questions in C#

Editing HTML in a desktop application was a real challenge. In Windows environment MSHTML and IE comes to the rescue. By using the mshtml extension you can access all properties of a html document and by using the webeditor object you can create an “editable” html form for manipulating the content. On the other hand, GTK# and webkit is the alternative in the linux environment.

But, wait a second. Do I have to build two diffrent GUIs in order to achive cross platform operation ? ANd how do I do that ? Do I make two versions of the same application or do I scan the environment at runtime and determine which GUI should I load.

On top of that put the IDE combatibility issue, memory requirements and missing dependencies and your “nightmare cake” is served. At the time this post was written Monodevelop 2.0 for Windows (yes… windows) is released. Is it going to solve some of the above problems/questions or it’s going to add more ? The answer will be most probably(!) “served” in the next post.


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