February developments

Due to the fact that Linux and Windows GUI had to be separated and it will take some time to do that, I decided to re-design the core libraries and create a spin-off. Starting with the communication lib, the WebConnector, which is used to connect to WordPress with calls like:

using WebConnector;
string xmlResponse = WordPress.NewPost(blog address, username, password, title, body);

The dll can be used with Visual Studio and SharpDevelop and hopefully MonoDevelop to assist you with simple tasks. Further more Intellisense support is provided until I build some kind of documentation.

Right click to the link and select: “save link as” or “save target as” to download. Then rename the file from jpg to dll
(link removed .. look below)

Apologies for the uncomfortable way of downloading but file sharing services are way overloaded with ads and sourceforge can only accept GPLed software. This is just a “humble” freeware. Any suggestion would be much appreciated…

Well launchpad.net is a great rescue 🙂

Here is the link for the files. More will follow.



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