The adventure of a tiny software application

It started like a game, but it is growing fast. I really don’t know why I started with this small application. Maybe I feel more comfortable, launcing the software from the desktop, punching some thoughts and send them wherever my blog is. Maybe I’m lazy and I don’t want to open the browser, login, navigate, create new page or post, write it and post it. Maybe the last two actions are all I need. In any case, one of these days, I will post some screenshot and upload the client. Who knows, maybe someone would find it useful.

Update (4 hours later …)

This is the client prototype screenshot. Although is not fully functional, it works (!)
Prototype screenshot

The prototype is working. Some glitches here and there, but nothing serious. It takes the username, the password and the basic address of the blog (eg. and updates the current list of recent posts and categories. After that you can add or edit a post and submit it back to WordPress. It is writen in .NET and should be functional in Windows with .NET support and Linux with Mono support. It currently supports only blogs.

Since is not allowing binaries I’ll try to setup a download location somehow… Your comments, ideas and feedback is much appreciated. Last but not least this is a FREE software with two conditions: Don’t break the law and use it at your own risk. As I mentioned before it maybe functional but it is still a prototype.

Update (3 hours later…)

File share hosting services kinda suck but I will live with that for now. I will post my flames on this later. Here is the link to the MSI file of TinyBlogMesh. Also, for those that don’t want to “setup”, here is the exe file

Seems to be a problem with the file hosting service, therefore here is the list of file on a second hosting service.

MSI File

Exe file

Zip file (exe)


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